Our association supports residents and organizations of Hanover County, VA in mental health recovery efforts by offering one time financial grants.

Click on the appropriate tab below to read our grant guidelines, fill out and submit your grant application and complete the required report after you receive a grant.


Guidance for Grant Applicants

Hanover Mental Health Association is offering financial grants for the purpose of providing one time funding to individuals and organizations who demonstrate need and intent to further the mission and vision of HMHA on behalf of Hanover County, VA residents.

Our mission/vision is as follows: To educate the community and support and advocate on behalf of the individuals and families in Hanover County, VA to improve mental health and reduce the conditions that impede mental wellness.

Who can Apply for a Grant?

  • Individual Hanover county residents diagnosed with mental illness.
  • Family members as well as service organizations on behalf of an individual diagnosed with mental illness.
  • Organizations who serve Hanover County residents with mental illness. Organizations will not be awarded funding to supplement existing budgets or to resolve funding shortfalls, but instead for specifics projects or initiatives.


How do I Apply for a Grant?

Click on the Grant Application tab and submit your application electronically to HMHA.

How are Grant Funding decisions made?

The Grant Committee Chair receives the Grant application, reviews it and either makes a recommendation to the Board or requests a Board vote depending on the amount requested.

How will I find out if my Grant Request is awarded?

The Grant Committee Chair will inform you in writing of the decision within 30 days of receiving your completed application. Some requests given the immediate need may be requested by the applicant to be reviewed sooner. In those cases efforts will be made to expedite the process, but no guarantees will be made.

What can I expect if my Grant Request is awarded?

At the time of notification you will be informed when the check will be mailed. HMHA will mail checks to organizations and/or vendors but checks will not be mailed directly to the individual requesting the grant. HMHA cannot guarantee payment by a specific deadline.

Are there any Additional Requirements?

Individuals are required to complete a brief follow up report within 60 days of receiving funding. Click on the Grant Report tab to complete and submit this form. An organization may also be required to submit an annual report.

Grant Application

Hanover Mental Health Association Grant Application Form

  • Please provide the following information:

  • Please answer the following questions if you are an individual applying for a grant or you are applying on behalf of an individual:

  • Please answer the following questions if you are applying for an Organizational Grant only:

Grant Report

Hanover Mental Health Association Grant Report Form

  • Please provide the following information:

  • Please provide the following additional information only if you received an Organizational Grant: