Hanover Mental Health Association

founded in the early 1980s to promote recovery, wellness and healing for individuals diagnosed with mental illness, has been supporting residents of Hanover County in their recovery journey for over 30 years.

Today we are proud to be able to provide direct financial support to citizens of Hanover County, VA who have a mental illness and who are in need of assistance particularly with housing that is not already funded through state and local programs.

In addition we are also proud to be offering education through teaching Mental Health First Aid as well as supporting the advocacy efforts of our parent organizations Mental Health America and Mental health America Virginia.

Our mission is as follows: to EDUCATE the community and to SUPPORT and ADVOCATE on behalf of individuals and their families in Hanover County, VA to improve mental health and to reduce the conditions that impede mental wellness. This is based on our vision of all people in Hanover County, VA achieving optimal mental wellness.

We are working in every way we can to reduce the stigma of mental illness and to empower citizens to work towards recovery. Please use our website as a place to find Mental Health 1st Aid classes, to learn about statewide advocacy efforts and to apply for one time financial grants.